Use your second-hand goods or unsold inventory to support innovative startups or non-profits. 

With Crowdfundingmeister, you can turn your unwanted household items or unsold shop inventory into financial support to help kick-start new ideas or worthy causes. Individuals can sell their unwanted items or purchase the items listed for sale – and get rewarded by the organizations they support!

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Disclaimer & Rewards

With Crowdfundingmeister, you support startups either by selling your second-hand products and donating the proceeds to a startup or non-profit; or by purchasing those products from individual sellers.  You can also support the startups or non-profits by purchasing digital vouchers to be redeemed at your convenience.  The second-hand products are listed for sale by individuals seeking to support that particular startup or non-profit and its projects with their lightly-used items or unsold inventory. You can buy multiple products at the same time and for a single delivery to your address after making a deposit. Or, you can pick up local products yourself and save delivery costs. Some items may be designated digital delivery (vouchers or gift cards).  All second-hand products are sold by individuals as-is without warranty or guarantee; refunds will be granted only if the item received differs significantly from the item description in the listing. There is a 14-day return period for consumers for their purchase of vouchers directly from a company. 

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