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With Crowdfundingmeister, we turn unwanted household items and inventory from our company into financial support to help kick-start new ideas or worthy causes. We sell our unwanted items to make it possible that you can purchase the items listed for sales – and in turn  support our innovative projects!





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Why Crowdfundingmeister

With Crowdfundingmeister, we turn our inventory into financial support to help kick-start new ideas or worthy causes from youngbits. This is not a crowdfunding website but a webshop with some similarities of crowdfunding. Just like crowdfunding we show how much finance we need for every project and due to the fact that we sell multiple products the project budget is always a crowd effort of selling to different people. Unlike crowdfunding the contributors will not get a share or something else linked to the project because they are buyers of products. With buying the item they get their purchased product and contribute in this way to the budget of the project. The purchasing price goes to the budget of the project and the product to the client creating a win-win situation for the both of us.  

Pickup or delivery

Crowdfundingmeister sends by parcel post (DHL or Hermes) or your purchase can be paid in cash by picking up.

Checked offers

Our team members check all advertisements before we place them. This is how we monitor our first class stock. 

Support team

The Crowdfundingmeister support team is avalaible for all questions and has a fast response rate.

Secured shopping

Pay securely with PayPal or iDeal. The project will only receive the money if you have received your product in good order.

Same day shipment

Every order is shipped the same day and as a customer you will always receive a shipping code from us. We ship packages every day of the week from 09:00 to 19:00.

Sustainable from A to Z

Both the stuff we sell and the packaging with which we send it, everything is recycled as much as possible so that the entire process from A to Z is and remains sustainable.

Trying out or testing

You can always test or try out the items at our locations. This way you can be sure that it works because for us it is important that you walk out the door satisfied with your purchase.


If you buy multiple items, we will reward that with a discount. Ask our sellers when you purchase multiple items and they will apply a discount. In such a way you can benefit if you buy multiple items.

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Disclaimer & Rewards

With Crowdfundingmeister, you support innovative projects from youngbits by buying our second-hand products.

You can buy multiple products at the same time and for a single delivery to your address after making a deposit. Or, you can pick up local products yourself and save delivery costs. Some items may be designated digital delivery (vouchers or gift cards).

All second-hand products are sold by youngbits as-is without warranty or guarantee; refunds will be granted only if the item received differs significantly from the item description in the listing. There is a 14-day return period for consumers for their purchase of vouchers. 

Crowdfundingmeister is a website from Youngbits.

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