How does it work?

Crowdfundingmeister is a flexible-goal crowdfunding platform that lets individuals turn their unwanted household goods or unsold shop inventory into support for innovative startups or established non-profits. We also help individuals to sell their whole household when they want to move to a new (tiny) house and get rid of all their stuff at once. Customers can also opt to support organizations directly by purchasing digital vouchers on the platform that are redeemable for regular goods and services from these organizations.

This is how Crowdfundingmeister works for (tiny house) movers:

  1. Register as a tiny house mover on our website.

2. We will contact you and go through your whole household and make a list with you what to expect when living smaller and what you can keep or sell. 

3. Of the items that you don’t need to keep we make a separation with you of which things you can sell or can throw away. We help you with the disposal of the products that can be thrown away and make an automated list of the stuff you can sell. 

4. We make a division of the amount that will be raised with the selling of the stuff that goes to a project that you can support and what goes directly to you. 

5. We sell the products via this platform and place them also on Ebay and Marktplaats. 

6. Funds for the sale will be disbursed to the startup or cause you chose to support, and you get a voucher good toward products or services from that organization to spend for yourself!


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