14 days road trip East Europe




This is a road trip that takes you from Berlin to the Baltic coast and from there to the Black Sea with the end destination Odessa. A trip to cities with a significant history and every part of the trip will be accompanied by local people that act as a guide and will show you sites of historic significance. From the end destination Odessa can be choosen to fly back or drive back with the remaining drivers. Based on the number of reservations of the trip will there be a number of vehicles avalaible. Every group will have at least one local guide and a backup driver. But in general the driving is something you will do as a group. The trip will have stopovers in Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Brest, Lviv (we have two stopovers in Lviv), Chisinau and Odessa. The trips will be planned from april 2020 and will consists out of 14 days for every road trip. We drive with older Volvo SUVs which gives the trip a more retro feeling but to give more security somebody will drive along with mechanical engineering and with larger groups there will be a backup vehicle driving.

In the price is the following included:
– Vehicle (4 seats for every group) next to 1 backup driver + mechanic and 1 local guide
– Accomodation
– Petrol or diesel costs

Not included:
– Drinks and meals
– Travel insurance
– Additional things

– This trip is not for first time drivers, if you want to drive you should be an experienced driver.
– The road trip will be organized when there are minimal 6 reservations and in that case every road trip will consist out of 2 SUVs.