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The ultimate in landline phones
If you are looking for a high-quality analog cordless phone with a real metal frame and illuminated metal keyboard, as well as Bluetooth, then the Gigaset SL400 / 400A is exactly the right thing for you.

A digital answering machine is already integrated into the Gigaset SL400A.

These models only work on the analog telephone connection, on the ISDN connection only on the analog port of ISDN telephone systems.

Small, slim and elegant, the Gigaset SL400 / 400A with integrated answering machine meets the highest demands in terms of high-end functionality, design and usability. The real metal frame and the metal keyboard give this phone a touch of luxury. A clear user interface opens up on the high-quality color display. Bluetooth® ensures a high level of speech comfort and is used for data transmission. The address book has space for up to 500 vCard entries. Thus, the names and phone numbers of your friends, family and the most important contacts can be managed easily and clearly. Keeping this up to date is very easy with synchronization via Bluetooth® or mini USB.

ECO DECT technology means using less energy with reduced transmission power and saving more money.

The Gigaset SL400 / 400A – this cordless phone, equipped with innovative functions, an integrated answering machine (SL400A), high-quality materials in a slim design, fits perfectly into your home.

2 models
This model series is available in the variant without (SL400) and with (SL400A) answering machine.
The answering machine integrated in the SL400A has a recording time of 45 minutes. The range of services includes a skip-back function, which makes it possible to listen to parts of a message again – the date and time of receipt of the message are output via voice announcement. One look at the display of the handset and you can see whether new messages have been received – these can also be queried with the handset. Important conversations can also be recorded.

Another highlight is the notification by SMS to your mobile phone when new messages have been received.

First class materials: metal frame and keyboard
Only the best: With its real metal frame, the Gigaset SL400 / 400A gives home telephony a high-end aesthetic and a luxurious touch. The illuminated metal keyboard not only looks good, it also makes the device easier to use. Equipped with the best inside and out, the Gigaset SL400 / 400A climbs to new heights in home telephony.

Customizable color display
Despite its slim appearance, the Gigaset SL400 / 400A has a large 1.8 ” TFT color display with a high resolution that makes reading and navigating easy. Do you like to personalize things? Then simply upload photos of family and friends, assign them to the corresponding phone book entries and the next time you call, the picture of the caller appears on the display thanks to the picture CLIP function. Alternatively, images can also be used as a screensaver or for a slide show.

Focus on the essential
The menu scope can be set via the expert mode. This makes it easier to find certain functions that you use regularly. Other functions are simply hidden.

Save all of your contacts
The address book of the Gigaset SL400 / 400A has a lot of space: up to 500 vCard entries can be saved. Simply enter the name and phone number of your friends and family – at the touch of a button these are available when they are needed. Save up to 500 contacts (vCards) and synchronize your contacts with the Gigaset QuickSync software via Bluetooth® or mini USB with your computer (Windows and MacOS X).

Convenient Bluetooth® functions
Via headset connection to synchronization of the address book – with the Bluetooth® technology of the Gigaset SL400 / 400A you stay in touch. Use your compatible headset and enjoy maximum mobility. The address book of the Gigaset SL400 / 400A can be effortlessly synchronized via Bluetooth® or mini USB, even with a Mac …

Even more fun on the phone
Longer phone calls are no problem with the Gigaset SL400 / 400A. It offers a generous talk time of up to 14 hours and a standby time of up to 230 hours. Choose between 4 hands-free profiles with brilliant sound quality. You can also personalize the ring tones of the Gigaset SL400 / 400A and save your own melodies in the handset – or choose the vibration alarm to signal incoming calls.

Also works with Mac
You can connect the Gigaset SL400 / 400A to the Mac via Bluetooth® or a mini USB cable and then use the Gigaset Quick Sync software to copy your contacts from the address book to the phone.

The phone is currently using the Dutch language but can be switched to German or English.